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Revelation 4:11--Created For His Pleasure

A couple of months ago, it was raining so heavily when I arrived home from work, that I didn’t even think about making a run for the house.  Nothing urgent awaited me inside, so getting soaked just wasn’t worth getting out of the car.  Instead, I decided the time I spent in the car waiting for the rain to slack off would be a good opportunity to spend time with the Lord and meditate on Him.

Looking around at the trees and shrubbery, and watching the flashes of lightening in the sky, I acknowledged Him as the creator of all things, and I thanked Him for His creations.  Those thoughts brought Revelation 4:11 to mind:  “Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honor and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.

Since that scripture says that He created everything for His pleasure, it seems reasonable, then, that He would have incorporated within each one of His creations a specific characteristic, that when put to use, would give Him pleasure.  Each would have a purpose which they would instinctively carry out to please Him.  Surely if He created them, they had to have some purpose.  And even though they were created soulless, and weren’t given the reasoning ability as man was given, they carry out His purpose naturally, just by their existence.

As I looked around my yard and neighborhood, I began to think about the possible purpose(s) of His creations.  Though not exhaustive, here’s where my thinking took me, and I recommend this as a devotional exercise for meditating and adding your own thoughts to the list.

Household Pets provide unconditional love and pleasure to man, as well as companionship and comfort.  Some even have the intelligence and ability to assist the handicapped.

Non-Household Animals supply food and clothing materials.  They have beauty in their design, color palette, and in their grace of movement.  They assist man with physical labor and chores, such as farming.  Above all, they display God’s glory!

Insects pollinate flowers, supply food (i.e. honey), and give us beauty (i.e. butterfly).

Trees/Plants give us beauty and pleasure through their shade, fruits, nuts, flowers, vegetables and spices.  Some provide us fabric and construction materials.  The leaves help filter the air we breathe, and many have medicinal and healing value, as well as elements to make dyes.

The Earth itself develops metals, minerals, fuel, nutrients for plant life and provides a home to numerous ground animals and insects.

Birds display beauty, not only in the physical sense, but in the musical sounds and songs they sing.  They scatter seed and help maintain the balance of insects.

Water, including oceans, lakes and rivers, sustains life for man and is a home for fish and crustaceans.  Water also provides food sources and recreational activities for man.

Rain/Snow waters trees and vegetation.  It cleans the air of pollen and impurities.

Lightening/Thunder displays God’s power and His glory!

Though created for God’s pleasure, notice carefully how these creations give us pleasure, as well.  As I wrote in my Commentary for Genesis 1:1, God could have created a black and white world, designed only one type flower of pink, made all animals brown, all plants the same green, and all bodies of water the same blue or green.  But, He didn’t.  The earth and all its inhabitants are rich in colors, sights and sounds, and only man was created with the capacity to enjoy them all.  His love for us gives us riches beyond measure.

As a child, I would typically use one green crayon to draw or color the trees, grass or plants in my pictures.  Today, as I observe the trees around me, it seems that the leaves of each tree variety display a different hue or shade of green.  As I stand outside in the early morning to throw out bread crumbs for the neighborhood birds and squirrels, I am in awe of the myriad bird songs that I hear coming from every direction.  Each bird variety has a distinct chirp, shrill or whistle, yet they blend together like an orchestra of different instruments in a beautiful composition.

What if the bellows of the whale beneath the water, or the howl of the coyote and wolf in the wilderness, or the gobble of the turkey and coo of the dove in the field, or the roar of the lion and tiger in the plains of Africa are all about giving praise to their Creator?  What if the screeching noise made by the crickets and cicadas are really their way of “making a joyful noise”?  What if the design of the spider’s web is just as much about displaying God’s glory as it is to catch an insect?  What if the rustle of the leaves is just as much about extolling praise as it is in response to the wind blowing?  What if the turning of the sunflower towards the sun is really its way to keep facing its Maker?  Experts have given us “scientific” explanations for the sounds and activities of animals, birds, insects and plant life, but couldn’t there be more to it than man’s scientific reasoning?  What if every sound and activity of every animal, bird, insect or tree is really the fulfillment of the purpose for which they were created?  That by doing what they do naturally and without thought brings pleasure to the One Who created them?

We’re told in Philippians 2:10 that at some future point every creation on, above and under the earth will bow down at just the mention of the name of Jesus.  Revelation 5:13 tells us at least one phrase they will say, "Blessing, and honor, and glory, and power be unto him that sittteth upon the throne, and unto the Lamb forever and ever."  In Isaiah 55::12 we’re told that one day the mountains and hills will burst into song before Him, and trees of the field will clap their hands.  Perhaps what all of creation is doing right now is just a dress rehearsal for that day to come.  Glory!  Hallelujah!  But, meanwhile, they are fulfilling their purpose, which in turn, gives pleasure to the One who created them.

That brings us to God’s final creations:  Man and Woman.  We are no different from the wolf, the lion, the dove, the cricket, the spider, the leaf or the sunflower in that we were created for God’s pleasure.  But unlike His other creations, we were given free will.  We can choose to seek self-gratifying pleasure, or we can choose to live our lives pleasing Him.  Unlike His other creations, we don’t fulfill our purpose naturally or without thought.  We have to choose consciously and deliberately to give pleasure through our words and actions to the One who created us.  And, unlike His other creations, the fulfillment of our purpose here on earth will reap heavenly rewards, treasures in heaven.  No other creation has been given that promise.  Revelation 4:11 tells us that Jesus is worthy to receive glory, honor and power.  No other creation can make that claim, either.

As you wrap up this commentary, let me ask you these questions, “Is your life giving the Lord glory and honor?  Are you fulfilling the purpose for which God created you?  Is your life, which was granted to you by the King of kings and Lord of lords, giving Him pleasure?”  If not, why not?

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