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Mark 4:14-20 -- Planting the Seed of Love

Though the following is not your typical commentary, I hope you enjoy the analogy.

Love is like the sowing of a seed, much like the Word of God being sown in the heart of man. It isnt always given to a person who wants to be loved or to one who is able to respond and return it. Sometimes love is given to the heart of another that is much like the Word falling on rocky soil, or among thorns. There isnt enough caring to take root, or it is choked with unconcern. Or, perhaps it takes root for a while, but the shallowness of the heart prevents a lasting relationship from developing. It withers and dies before it can stretch its leaves and say I love you.

Yet there are those special moments in time when the seed of love falls on fertile ground ground that has been neglected and abused, but has reached the peak of its richness by lying dormant for so many years. After the seed is sown and caressed by the gentleness of the soft, rich soil, that seed begins to respond. And love, like life, is born.

As days pass and the cycle of life takes its course, love breaks through. What was once barren soil is now home to a young, tender plant. Love has taken root.

But the true beauty and destiny of that new love is still unknown. It is vulnerable to the storms of a relationship or could be uprooted like a weed and cast aside. Yet like the Word that has taken root, the young, tender plant strengthens little by little as it drinks in water and stretches its leaves toward the life-giving sun. Its roots grow stronger and the young plant matures toward its potential to bear fruit. Alas, a small bud appears. Love has blossomed.


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