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Romans 5:18--The Cancer Cure

A pharmaceutical company has just announced that it has developed a cure for every type of cancer regardless how advanced. All anyone has to do is take one dosage of the new drug and they will become cancer free. WOW!!

Because this discovery is so revolutionary and radical, the pharmaceutical company has decided to forego profiting from the drug's development because it wants everyone to have access to it. Therefore, the company has made it available to everyone by placing it on displays in grocery stores, drug stores, convenience stores, and department stores such as WalMart, Costco, Target, Kmart etc. What’s the catch? It’s free. Yes, you heard (read) right, the cost of the one-time dosage pill will ring up at the cash register at $.00.

As shoppers walk by the display reading “Free -- Take One as Needed,” they question the truthfulness and validity of the claim. Many think it’s a hoax, or, at the least, a marketing scam. They scoff at the message and walk on. Many pick up the information, peruse it and place it back on the display, and they walk on. Others pick up the information and place it in their purse or pocket to read later. Yet, they, too, walk on.  Some call a friend or family member and tell them about the pill and ask what they think.

Lastly, there are those who stop, read the information and place the packet in their grocery basket with the intent they’ll take it themselves when they get home. Or, they plan to pass it on to a family member or friend who has been diagnosed with a form of cancer. Some may pop the pill in their mouth right there on the spot without any hesitation. After all, what is there to lose? If it doesn’t do what it says it will do, nothing is loss. The pill doesn’t cost anything, so why not try it?

Some of those distrustful of either the “Free” message, or that the one-time dosage of this new cure-all-cancer drug really works, may possibly be in the throes of a cancer diagnosis themselves. But because of their skepticism, or unbelief, they continue on to the produce market to stock up on those fruits and vegetables the experts tout to have nutritional health benefits. Or, they continue on to the Pharmacy/Health department to pick up vitamins and herbal supplements that others claim to have healing benefits. Perhaps some walk on by those sections of the store because they’ve already tried those methods. Now they are enduring chemotherapy treatments because the homeopathic remedies didn’t work.

A few of those who walk by may actually have surgery scheduled to cut out the cancer growing in their body. Or, hospice has been brought in for a family member who is being administered high dosages of pain meds just to endure taking his or her next breath. Yet, even the promise of ridding either of them of the evil within them by taking one pill isn’t enough for them to place their faith in the message. They’d prefer staying with what they know and believe in rather than trusting in something different or unknown.

As days and weeks go by, those who took the drug are being declared cancer free, and their stories and testimonies are starting to circulate. Some who initially walked by the display are now starting to pause and consider the drug. These news stories cause some to follow through on taking the wonder pill, while others put it off for another day. After all, it just can’t be as simple as the message claims.

Those who initially continued on to the produce and health areas of the store remain convinced they can beat the cancer on their own, and they continue shopping in those areas. They will only consider taking the pill if their next doctor’s visit reveals the cancer isn’t in remission.

Even with the free cancer pill available to everyone in the world, regardless of one’s age, gender, race or creed, doctors and hospitals are still treating cancer patients, and families are mourning loved ones who have died, or who are dying from this non-discriminating disease.

This scenario is an analogy of how individuals approach the Gospel message. The “Free -- Take One As Needed” display represents the message as it’s presented in the Scriptures, preached from pulpits, seen in believers’ lives or on church billboards, or heard on the radio or TV. We live in a country in which the message of Jesus Christ’s saving grace can be readily seen or heard by nearly every person living within its borders. Just as the above scenario plays out, some folks personally believe the message and on faith accept it. Unfortunately, many more scoff at the message, pause to consider it, or put off making a decision until later. Unfortunately, in the end, they keep walking on. Others continue on their quest of healing themselves through a myriad of do-it-yourself ways to earn their salvation.

Unlike the illustration, where people can see the proof of their cancer on x-rays, in lab results and through experiencing actual, physical pain, the cancer of their sin and the cancer of their lost condition can’t be x-rayed or tangibly proven through laboratory tests. People don’t usually view their lifestyle or their spiritual condition as a life or death situation, so they scoff at the message. Or, they may pause to consider it, but in the end they walk away, content with working out their own spirituality. Even after hearing the stories and testimonies of how others have found a spiritual “healing” through their belief in Jesus Christ, some don’t grasp their own need for spiritual healing. Or, they may think if they live a “good enough” lifestyle they can earn their way into heaven.

The Bible is clear that when unbelievers reject the One Being who can provide them eternal life, it is a death sentence. Yet, incomprehensibly, folks continue to ignore the “one-time dosage” of God’s forgiveness and grace. They think of themselves as spiritually healthy and cancer free, but the Great Physician will expose the cancer of their unforgiven sin and their rejection of His salvation once they physically die. What they fail to realize now is that the consequences of their real cancer, which is sin, will be faced after their physical death when they enter a spiritual realm of darkness and damnation.

There is no one who exists on this planet who escapes the judgment that came upon all men once sin entered the world through Adam and Eve (1 Corinthians 15:22). However, that’s just part of the message we find in Romans 5:18. Through the righteousness of Jesus Christ, and the condemnation of death He satisfied on the cross on our behalf (Romans 6:23), we can be justified, or declared righteous. In other words, we are declared “cancer (sin) free” in a spiritual sense. And, it is only through our faith in God’s free gift of grace (Ephesians 2:8-9) that we can be saved (or healed) from the consequences of our sin dilemma.

With the Cancer Cure scenario, the cure for cancer is free and readily available to anyone who is willing to put their trust in the product. There are no strings attached. Likewise, there are no strings attached to the sin cure God has provided all mankind through His Son, Jesus Christ. It is truly free and readily available to anyone who is willing to put their trust in His saving grace.


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