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The Man Against the Wall

As I was walking from the parking lot toward my office building one morning, I noticed a man up ahead leaning against a building. He appeared to be looking out into the street and talking. No one was near him, so I was curious as to whom he was talking. Was he crazy? Was he preaching a “fire and brimstone” message” to whomever would stop to provide him an audience? Because I would soon be crossing the street once the crosswalk light turned green, I knew it wouldn’t be long before I heard for myself what he was saying.

As I got closer to him, the man appeared to be in his late 20's, early 30's. He was fairly clean looking in his casual clothes, and he continued looking straight ahead and talking to no one in particular as I approached him. Since my first reaction was that he was a “crazy” person, my initial tendency was to snicker about what he was doing and to make fun of him in my heart. I immediately caught myself and decided, instead, to feel sympathy for him. Usually tough circumstances bring people to this mode of behavior. As I passed him, I wondered if he’d stop speaking, but he didn’t. “I gave you everything I had to give you....” were the words I heard as I passed by him. I didn’t catch any more, but it was enough. I automatically assumed he was talking to a woman who had left him. He obviously didn’t understand why she would have done that. Instead of snickering, I prayed within my heart that God would give him comfort and peace of mind. Whatever had happened to him, it had brought him to a very sad and troubled state.

“Lord, You know the condition of this man’s life and heart. You know what has brought him to this place in his life. I pray that the circumstances of this man leaning against the wall would draw him to You, rather than away. Use them, Lord, to accomplish your will in his life. May you get the victory, Lord, instead of the demons that have taken over this man’s mind.”

We all have choices to make when things don’t go our way. We can let them get to us, wear us down and make us bitter, often taking us to a depression out of which it’s difficult to climb. Like this man, we may feel against a wall from which there is no escape. Or, we can thank the Lord for the trials, seek His help through the circumstances, and let Him have victory over of the situation.


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