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We Shall All Be Changed

I grew up listening to music groups such as the Temptations, the Beach Boys, Franki Valli and the Lettermen.  Add that to the gospel quartet music I heard in church, and I became a huge fan of harmony. So it was no surprise that I paid extra attention to a trio I heard several years ago at a church in which I was a member.  The trio harmonized beautifully together, and their music was a blessing. The lyrics that affected me most were from a song they sung that spoke about the first thing the deaf would hear when Jesus is about to return. They would hear the trumpet call.

We had several deaf members in our church, so as those words were sung, I immediately looked over at the section of the church where our deaf members sat. I watched closely to observe their reaction as their leader signed that the deaf would hear the trumpet call. As she finished signing those special words, the faces of the deaf widened into grins and they broke out in applause. My eyes filled with tears at the beauty of that moment.

Then my mind took that thought even further. Those who are born deaf or blind, and those born physically and mentally challenged are often discriminated against. But after those believers leave the physical realm of this world, everything changes. Those who are considered imperfect in our society will be given a glorified, perfect body in His society. In the eternal scope of things, this earth is just a temporary stopover. Once in heaven, and time is no more, the deaf, blind, mute, crippled and mentally challenged will have the rest of forever to be able to see, hear, speak, walk and think intellectually.

The Bible says that our lives on earth are like a vapor that quickly disappears. On a time line of this age, life is just a dot, a speck. So for those who are not physically or mentally whole, may they be comforted to know that though we give much importance to this time period on earth, it is really just temporary and they will have all eternity to sing praises to the Lord, to see His glory, to walk on those streets of gold and to do all the things they ever hoped to do. Hallelujah!


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