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Once Upon a Time

When we hear the words, “Once upon a time…,” we immediately recognize that we’re at the beginning of something that’s about to start, a story that is about to unfold. And, obviously, when we hear the words, “The End,” it signals that the story has come to a close. A conclusion has been reached, and nothing more about the story line follows.

In every book, fairy tale, or story I’ve ever read or heard, the order is just as it is above. “Once upon a time” or “In the beginning” comes first, followed later by “The End.”

However, when thinking about eternity, those phrases take place in the opposite order. “The End” of a physical life must take place before eternity can begin, at which time a new story begins to unfold.

So, it’s worth the asking.  When you breathe your last breath here on planet Earth, and “The End” of your life takes place, will your eternity be a “Happily Ever After” story?  Or, will a horror story unfold?  As Paul Harvey used to say, “The rest of the story” is yours to choose, so choose wisely. Once “The End” is written about your life, and a conclusion has been reached, the story line that follows cannot be rewritten.


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