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Why Him?

Iíve been pondering the following dilemma, quandary, or whatever you want to call it, for several years now, and I hope I have organized my words to adequately describe why I find this such a puzzling matter. If anything, I hope and pray it causes you to think about what you believe.

If you look at scripture and history, the multiple attempts made on Jesusí life and the hate that was, and still is, directed toward Him should give someone a curiousness as to why that is the case. Of all the billions of men who have lived on this earth, what other man has had so many haters and despisers, even to this day? What is it about this Jesus who generates such animosity from the world, and loathing and intolerance toward those who believe in Him?

Over two thousand years have passed since Jesus departed from this earth, yet people groups around the world are still trying, in a sense, to do away with Jesus by burning Bibles, making it illegal to own one, disowning family members, imprisoning and persecuting those who proclaim Jesus Christ as their Savior. Even in this country, many have proposed legislation to rid this nation of Bibles, prayer, and inscriptions on our money, courthouses and government buildings.

Doesnít this cause you to think, why? Why has Jesus Christ, a historical figure like so many others in the history books, been singled out to be hated, blasphemed and cursed? Of all the people in the world, past and present, why is it that itís His name thatís become so entrenched in the usage of profanity? Why has Jesus become the cause of persecution around the world to those who invoke His name?\

If I werenít already a believer in Jesus Christ, I truly believe the conspicuous hatred and intolerance people showed toward Jesus in the past, and still show Him today, would cause me to investigate the reason. Why Him? What is it about Him that conjures up such negativity? We donít see this type of targeting toward other historical religious leaders throughout history, such as Muhammad, Zoroaster, Confucius, Joseph Smith, Jr., Dalai Lama, Gandhi, Brigham Young, and Popes. We donít read of people protesting statues of Buddha, or objecting to the writings of Mary Baker Eddy on library shelves. 

There is another key observation that can be made about this Jesus. He is the only spiritual/religious leader in all of history for which there is tangible documentation, aside from the Bible, of being seen alive after being put to death and buried. There is no such documentation for any of the leaders listed above.

I know my beliefs in Jesus Christ wonít allow me to be totally unbiased, but I truly believe my investigation into Jesus would lead me to conclude that He is who He claims to beÖthe Son of God. Thatís why Iíd also have to conclude that the hatred fixated on Jesus has to be generated by supernatural powers...forces at work beyond the flesh and blood variety that are diabolically opposed to anything to do with Jesus or Christianity. And, why is that? If Jesus were an ordinary man, and if He didnít pose a threat to the future of these supernatural powers, why would they care? 

The reality is they do care. They will stop at nothing to prevent folks from believing in Him, and thatís why their primary goal and purpose is to not only dissuade, refute Jesusí teachings and to lead astray anyone who gives Him a second thought, but to invoke hate and outrage over anything to do with Him. Because of the subliminal influence they have the ability to spread, without realizing it, individuals can unwittingly become prey to their lies and manipulation, and end up becoming the public mouthpiece and activist of these forces.

So, to go back to my quandaryÖwhy doesnít the outcry of the public toward Christianity and its founder convince folks that Jesus must be who He claims to be? 

I encourage you to take the journey of asking yourself who Jesus is and why it is so significant that you come to know Him personally. He is alive, friends. He is a living, loving, caring Savior. He loves me. He loves you, and I hope and pray that you embrace the truth of Him.


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