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Morning Word Devotionals

This section of Morning Word is a collection of Devotional Videos designed to encourage believers as they seek to follow the Lord Jesus. Videos are 5-7 minutes in length. Note: Links open in a new window. When the page appears, move your mouse (cursor) over the video and click 'Click t                                o Expand' to enlarge and engage the audio. Click a link and enjoy!


Can God's Love Waver?

Where Are the Lines?

Teach Them Diligently

Subjectivity vs. Christianity

Perfect Gifts Come From Above

Weeds of Sin

The Handcuffs of Guilt

Tie Dye Christianity

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall

Be an Isaiah

Can God's Love Waver?

Clothe Yourselves with Compassion

Are You Thirsty?

Trading In Our Majestic God


The Great Deception

The Chocolate Chip Cookie and God's Will

Pass It On!

The Coffee Cup and God's Will (Part 1)

The Coffee Cup and God's Will (Part 2)

Planting Seeds

Hold That Door!

Open the Eyes of My Heart, Lord

Spiritual Masks

Childlike Dependence

Spiritual DNA Test

The Beauty of Spring


Directional Signs

Is God Preparing You?

What's Your Sandbox?

The NFL Draft vs. God's Whosoever

An Orthodox Mother

Christ Has No Body Now But Yours

I Did It My Way

Just Be Ready!

What's In the Bag?

Most Important Thing You Can Ask God For

The Truth Shall Set You Free

Christianity Is a Relationship

How Will You RSVP to God's Invitations?

All Is Vanity

Are You a Spiritual Farmer?

Lord, Today I Sacrifice...

Life's Shopping Carts

The "I AM" Benefits

Choose Your Team

Get Up and Out!

Finish Well

Shoot for Excellence

O Give Thanks Unto the Lord!

Are Your Words Jesus to Others?

The Ripple Effect


What Shall I Do with Jesus

The Story Behind 'Morning Word'

His Touch Is Enough

The Plain Jane

Created for His Pleasure

In Everything Give Thanks

Cookie-Cutter Christianity

Where Are You Planted?

Come Boldly to His Throne of Grace

God's Morning Gifts  

Secondhand Messages

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