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Genesis 11:1-9--Making a Name

One of the pitfalls of an arrogant, prideful spirit is that it sometimes results in irrational thinking. Someone who thinks himself important and superior may seek an outlet to prove or show off his superiority, even if that outlet doesn’t make sense.

Thus was the case in Genesis 11. The world was filled with prideful people who made an irrational decision. Let’s review the facts. Everyone living in the world at that time dwelt together and spoke one language. They rallied together to build a city and tower that would reach unto heaven. Okay, that’s not really so irrational, because they did need a place to live. And, they were hard workers, willing to make the bricks and mortar required to bring about their dreams.

The irrational part was carrying out their ulterior motive to make themselves a name. Exactly to whom were they expecting to make a name? If everyone in the world at that time was living together in one location, who else was there to impress?

Pride goeth before destruction, And an haughty
spirit before a fall. (Proverbs 16:18)

The world’s citizens thought their future was in their own hands. They determined “to make us a name.” Silly people. They underestimated God, the One ultimately in charge. He saw their pride and understood their plans, but they didn’t mesh with His. So He threw a small wrench into their plans. Well, maybe a really big wrench. The confusion of languages and the scattering of the people across the earth put a stop to their arrogance and pride, not to mention their building plans.

As Paul Harvey used to say in his radio spots, “now we know the rest of the story.”


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