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All Is Vanity

In April 2017, I watched most of a pre-Masters Tournament show featuring clips of an interview between Jim Nance and Arnold Palmer the last time Palmer was at the Masters. With the passing of Arnold Palmer the previous September, CBS and the Masters Tournament paid tribute to Palmer through several venues during the 2017 Masters Tournament. Accolades and praises were directed towards Palmer for all his lifetime accomplishments, especially in the PGA arena.

Unfortunately, for all the decades I was familiar with Arnold Palmer, I don’t recall ever hearing him acknowledge a personal belief in or a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. If he didn’t, then the words “All is vanity” which King Solomon wrote in Ecclesiastes is ringing true for Palmer. For all the green jackets and PGA tournaments Palmer won, not to mention the millions upon millions of dollars he earned through prize money and endorsements, and the millions he donated to charity and the building of medical facilities, none of that has a value in eternity.

As we approach Easter, we are reminded of the price Jesus paid on the cross of Calvary, and only a belief in the redemptive work Jesus accomplished that day with His life is of any value when one breathes his or her last breath on this earth. That holds true for all of us. So, regardless of your earthly accomplishments, only a belief in Jesus Christ will endure beyond this life.

Yes, it’s nice to have fame and wealth in the here and now, but it’s far, far better to know our debt has been settled in heaven for eternity. Because an eternity without God is “Vanity.  All is vanity.”


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