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The Weeds of Sin

This past Tuesday, after a morning of drizzling rain, followed by an overcast sky with cool temps, I managed to motivate myself to tackle the unpleasant task of pulling weeds. While I have neither a vegetable or flower garden, I do have a small area that borders the driveway and the walkway to our front door that I attempt to make halfway presentable. In that area is a small bench, a couple of purchased flower baskets, several large rocks dispersed throughout the area, a garden flag and several decorative, stepping stones. Occasionally I plant a few flowers, but this year I nixed the idea. I just didn’t want the burden to have to remember to water them. (If you saw the wilted condition of my flower baskets, you’d understand.)

Both of my parents loved working in the yard, as well as growing a few veggies, fruits and flowers. My mom actually preferred that to housework. Somehow, though, I didn’t get that gene, but my brother did. He always had the nicest yard on the block, worthy of a magazine cover.

Anyway, back to pulling weeds. According to the calendar, we are not officially into summer; but prior to this week, I have already had to weed and spray Round-Up twice. Yet, after numerous days of rain, followed by many days with temps too high to be outside weeding, those pesky plants were on the verge of getting out of control. So, with the damp and cool weather on Tuesday, I decided to take advantage of this window of opportunity.

Since only my hands were busy and my mind needed something to do, I couldn’t resist mulling over the similarities between weeds and sin. That’s right. I said weeds and sin!

Just like weeds, sins can pop up out of nowhere. It doesn’t take much for a wayward thought or attitude to turn sinful. Then, when our spiritual life is neglected for even a short amount of time, that neglect results in fertile ground for sin to start sprouting. Unfortunately, small issues in our lives that we think aren’t a big deal can take root. And, just like weeds, if they’re not pulled or taken care of as soon as they show their ugly leaves, roots grow deeper and start taking hold. I am always amazed at the depth and strength of weeds that have only been noticeable for a few days.

One of the reasons I prefer waiting to pull weeds immediately following a good rain is that it’s easier to pull the weeds from the wet, softened soil. Hmm, isn’t it interesting that in the Bible God’s word is symbolically referred to as “water”? When we take time to be in regular Bible study, the water of His word softens our hearts, making it easier for God to “weed” the sins that have begun to take root. Without that water, our heart can begin to dry out, making it hardened and insensitive to having a godly spirit.

Weeds are tough and aggressive. They can sprout in a few grains of sand between the cracks in the sidewalk and even push through asphalt. Even when purging an entire plot of ground of every possible weed visible, within a day they’ll be replaced with others.

Sins are just like that. Without realizing it, they show up within the heart of a person and take hold. Their roots reach deep, and without a person making the effort to “wash with water through the word” (Ephesians 5:26 NIV) and taking the necessary steps to pull them out by the root of their cause, their presence will spread and take over the heart. And, just as soon as you feel cleansed from sins’ evil hold, others are waiting by the side to replace them. So, just like pulling plants, the weeds of sin require constant attention.

So, what’s the bottom line? Keep the water of the word flowing through your life and through your heart. When the water source is cut off and your life and heart start drying out spiritually, your fruitfulness for the Kingdom of God will also dry up.


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