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Decorated with Names

Itís Christmas. You have a lesson to teach, but what can you do thatís different and unique? Granted, the Christmas story related to us in Luke 2 and Matthew 1 and 2 never grows old, but it does become challenging to make His first coming fresh and meaningful year after year.

Purpose of Object Lesson:

To visually remind your listeners that in addition to Jesusí coming as a baby to this earth to be our Savior, He also came to be all things to all people. He is not just Baby Jesus.

Supplies Needed:

Lighted Christmas tree
Solid multicolored ornaments, medium to large-sized with hooks (several dozen)
Black Sharpie Markers (Permanent)


Explain to your group that you need their help in decorating the tree, but the ornaments are in need of one last embellishment, and thatís where their help is needed. Ask them to call out the various names of Jesus by which they know Him. As each name is contributed, have it written on an ornament and hung on the tree. How you administer this is up to you, but my recommendation is to have one person print the names on the ornaments as they are spoken, and have the person who submitted the name to hang the ornament on the tree. Be sure everyone participates, even if itís just to hang ornaments.

To get started, you might want to encourage your group members to first mention those names of Jesus that are of personal importance to them, i.e. Savior, Healer, Christ, Lord, etc. Then there are the names of Jesus in Isaiah 9 that are generally associated with the Christmas story: Wonderful Counselor, The Mighty God, The Everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. Hopefully by this point theyíll be searching through their Bibles and memories to add names for decorating the tree.

As the leader, Iíd strongly suggest you pre-prepare a list of names so that you can assist your group.

What I love about this activity is that the Christmas tree becomes decorated with names of Jesus, and in essence, all those names represent gifts and blessings we have available to us through the person of Jesus Christ. As we think about Christmas as a time of gift giving, the perfect Gift Giver is praised and celebrated through the remembrance of His names. Instead of gifts being under the tree, which we traditionally think of as being its purpose, the tree is decorated with gifts that the Lord has bestowed on us by means of His Son. How wonderful is that? As this lesson develops, it is hoped that your Bible study participants are reminded of Godís benevolence in giving us His only begotten Son. We donít deserve Him. We donít deserve His grace. But because of His love for us, we have not only been given His only begotten Son, but weíve been given numerous characteristics and attributes of His person that bless and enrich our lives. Every day can be Christmas as we celebrate His coming. Hallelujah!


This object lesson is most successful when you have participants who easily respond to questions and participate in the lesson. If they donít participate well, but prefer to sit back and let you teach, then this object lesson may not be for your group. However, groups who are used to the teacher doing all the talking may need a push toward involvement; and this is a safe lesson to try out on a group who doesnít normally participate well. Why? Because there are no wrong answers. Your lesson participants will soon realize that no matter what they contribute to the group, it is a good response and welcomed. Hopefully this will motivate them to respond further and get in the spirit of celebrating the Lord Jesus Christ.


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