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The Value of Object Lessons

Since visual learners make up about 65% of the population, itís important that your teaching styles and Bible study presentations incorporate ways to engage visual learners. Thatís why object lessons can be so effective. They can be used simply to introduce a topic of study, or they can be used as your entire lesson. Either way, youíre providing your visual learners, as well as your entire audience, a more effectual learning opportunity.

However, let me give you a warning. If youíre serious about using object lessons, you will have to be willing to do the work to develop them. Some can be very simple, such as Whatís In The Bag, but some can require hours of preparation for a half hour presentation. I realize that lecture-style teaching can also require hours of research and preparation, but if 65% of your class has a difficult time absorbing or recalling what you taught because your methods only reached out to the auditory learners, have you really made the best use of your teaching time?

We have the greatest example of creativity in our Creator. When weíre told in Philippians 2:5 to ďlet this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus,Ē surely that was a directive that included having a creative mind. If we say weíre not creative, we might as well say we donít have the mind of Christ, and we dismiss the Holy Spiritís ability and work within us.

Since Iím a visual learner myself, Iím a firm believer in object lessons and I use them quite frequently. I particularly love those ďlight bulbĒ moments when an idea for one jumps into my mind out of nowhere. Thatís the Holy Spirit at work! To get you started, Iíve shared a few object lessons with you that I have used numerous times and feel confident about passing onto my readers. It is my hope and prayer that my experiences, which will soon become yours, will be a gift of encouragement to you.

I challenge you to let the Holy Spirit develop His creativity in you. Youíll be surprised and blessed by how easily ideas will come to you as you strive to let the mind of Christ Jesus rule and reign in your life.

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